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如何选择合适的罗茨真空泵 (Which is a good roots vacuum pump)

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  对比示例:容量为52m3/min、真空度为4x104pa(绝压为6x104pa)的容器,泵轴上的功率对比:液环泵为95HP,容量与功率的公差为± 10%。如果使用单级罗茨真空泵,则为55马力,容量和功率公差为±5%。








  (7) 浸水泵是无害的罗茨真空泵,能够承受意外浸水。它可以把水抽出来。

  (8)无需减少维护工作,因为:①气水分离,防止机器因腐蚀和磨损而损坏;② 由罗茨真空泵的结构决定(因为部件不相互接触)。

  (9) 需要很少或不需要水。罗茨真空泵可以减少用水量。一般容量为52m3/min的液环真空泵需要至少10000l/h的纯无钙冷水才能获得300MMHG的真空度,而罗茨真空泵可以在无水或少量水的情况下运行。




罗茨真空泵机组Roots vacuum pump unit

  Shanghai Ruizhe Environmental Protection Equipment Group Co., Ltd. has produced and sold roots vacuum pump for more than 10 years. Since its establishment in 2008, the company has discussed cooperation with a foreign enterprise for many times. And the introduction of its corresponding production technology, successfully achieved independent production! All products are clearly divided and the product parameters are detailed and complete. Some large roots vacuum pumps can be customized according to customer needs.  

  The main advantages of using roots vacuum pump device and how to select relevant equipment? Let’s have a brief understanding.

  (1) Reduce power consumption: in general, the power consumed by roots vacuum pump is only 40% – 50% of the power consumed by other equipment. This kind of saving effect can be obtained because of the use of Roots vacuum pump with air-water separation device and the use of self-priming centrifugal pump.

  Comparison example: for a vessel with a capacity of 52m3 / min and a vacuum degree of 4x104pa (absolute pressure of 6x104pa), the power comparison on the pump shaft: the liquid ring pump is 95 HP, and the tolerance of capacity and power is ± 10%. If a single-stage roots vacuum pump is used, it is 55 horsepower, with a capacity and power tolerance of ± 5%.

  (2) Flexible operation: the capacity of the vacuum pump can be adjusted to the required value by the regulating device, and there is a minimum specific power value. The roots vacuum pump belongs to the variable capacity type, which can be specified with 25% reserve. If the required conveying capacity is not considered properly (more or less) during manufacturing, the correct treatment method is to change the diameter of the pulley and change the speed, then the ideal operation effect can be obtained.

  Roots vacuum pump is a variable volume pump, so: ① the capacity is proportional to the speed, ② the required power is proportional to the speed and the generated pressure.

  In all cases, roots vacuum pump can reduce the speed by 50%, and also can ensure the above advantages.

  (3) Improvement of work quality: the vacuum degree can be obtained by a certain method, but it has nothing to do with the amount of water pumped by the pump. In the production of parchment paper plate, a liquid ring vacuum pump was installed on the vacuum couch and various vacuum degree changes were noticed, with the absolute pressure of 40-45mmhg. A separator and a Roots vacuum pump are installed on the vacuum couch, and the absolute pressure is 5mmhg with the same recording instrument.

  (4) Self protection: once the paper machine is running, generally do not stop working. In practical work, a self-protection system is adopted, that is, two interchangeable vacuum pumps with identical specifications are used to form a two-stage vacuum pump group, which is driven by only one motor. In case one stops working, the other can work continuously. But the pipes should be laid well. At this time, the linear speed and vacuum may be slightly reduced temporarily.

  (5) Four common basic methods are as follows: ① vacuum pump with separator; ② separation device is placed in the mesh part and wool part; ③ in order to ensure the vacuum degree of each paper machine, a central vacuum unit can be established; ④ separation device can solve the problems of high vacuum degree and low vacuum degree.

  (6) The vacuum unit can be installed at any suitable position. Since the roots vacuum pump only draws air, it can be placed within 100m from the vacuum point at will. The only thing to be noticed is that the pressure difference (which is very small) is generated when the air passes through the pipeline. It is preferable to avoid the low pressure area in the pipe. The separate gas and water separators (column type falling separator, separator box, etc.) are all installed in a closed system with the vacuum point.

  (7) Water immersion pump is harmless roots vacuum pump is able to withstand accidental water immersion. It can pump water out.

  (8) There is no need to reduce the maintenance work, because: ① the separation of air and water prevents the machine from being damaged due to corrosion and wear; ② it is determined by the structure of Roots vacuum pump (because parts do not contact each other).

  (9) Little or no water is needed. Roots vacuum pump can reduce water consumption. The liquid ring vacuum pump with a general capacity of 52m3 / min needs at least 10000l / h pure calcium free cold water in order to obtain a vacuum of 300MMHG, while roots vacuum pump can operate without water or a little water.

  In order to obtain a higher vacuum degree, it is recommended to use two or three-stage pump combination (i.e. two or three pumps in series), and use a small amount of water to penetrate (about 400L / h).

  The purpose of infiltrating water is: ① heat member produced by compressed air in ryushan; ② improving the volumetric efficiency of vacuum pump; ③ obtaining the minimum power.





如何选择合适的罗茨真空泵 (Which is a good roots vacuum pump)-[瑞柘环保]
X如何选择合适的罗茨真空泵 (Which is a good roots vacuum pump)-[瑞柘环保]